UltraMAX XL Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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This sleek wide body design from Aqua Products sets a new standard for commercial pool cleaners and is easier to use and maintain than ever.
This Robotic wonder is specifically designed for large pool cleaning with over 9,750 SF per hour and filtering up to 9,690 GPH. The XL features Remote Control technology, AquaSmart Cleaning, Beach Boy air sensor and Infra-Red capabilities. It internal timer is adjustable to 3, 5, 7 or 9 hour timer sessions with automatic shut-off. Also included is the UltraKart caddy for easily transporting the cleaner and its equipment.


* Recommended for Olympic size pools
* Pool Floor Cleaner with “hand-held” remote wall cleaning function
* Remote Control
* Adj. 3, 5, 7, or 9 Hour Timer w/ auto-shut off or Continuous Operation
* 150’ / 46m Kink Resistant Cable
* Dual Pump & Drive Motors
* Complete with 0 Entry Sensor
* Standard Infra-Red Sensor
* Extended Body Size
* PVC Brush is standard
* Includes Ultra Kart