Pool Blaster Pro 900

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Pro 900
Water Tech Pool Blaster Pro 900 Commercial Grade Battery Operated Pool Cleaner.

The Pool Blaster PRO 900 is the battery powered unit designed with the pool cleaning professional in mind giving professionals up to 3 times the cleaning time per charge, 3 times the filter capacity and twice the vacuuming strength than our Pool Blaster MAX. The PRO 900 quickly vacuums debris as large as golf balls with ease and filters small debris with its included micro filter bags. Completely battery powered, the PRO is self-contained and can be attached to a standard pool pole or can be maneuvered using the integrated handle for greater precision.

Included with every Pool Blaster PRO 900 are three filter bags (Reusable X-treme multi-layered Filter, All Purpose, Sand and Silt), a flexible fifteen inch vacuum head, and two interchangeable battery packs. Each battery pack provides up to an hour of run time, giving the PRO 900 up to two hours of vacuuming at a time. Best of all, one battery pack can be charged while the other is in use and features a quick charge charging system that will recharge your battery in as little as 4 hours.

Pool Cleaner Features

* Includes all-purpose filter bag
* Includes sand and silt filter bag
* Attaches to any 1-1/8" telescopic pole
* Two rechargeable, waterproof battery packs
* LED battery charger
* 15" vacuum head
* Operates in 10" water or deeper

Pool Blaster Pro 900 Product Details

* This powerful cleaner has its own internal pump that quickly vacuums all debris such as sand, pebbles, dirt, hair, leaves and rocks from all areas of the Pool and Spa. 
* The debris is contained in the cleaner’s own reusable, easy-to-clean Extra Large capacity filtration bag. 
* The PRO does not require hoses or electrical cords
* Integrated handle to spot clean FOR SHALLOW SPAS AND FOUNTAINS 
* Attaches to any 1 1/8” telescopic pole for cleaning in Deep Water
* 2 HIGH-OUTPUT Snap- In/Out double insulated waterproof, rechargeable Battery Packs.
* Smart Charger, turns from red to green when fully charged. Quick charge will recharge the battery in only four hours.
* EZ-Snap locking cap with push button ON/OFF switch
* 1 Large Reusable X-treme multi-layered Filter
* 1 Large Reusable All Purpose filter •1 Large Reusable Sand / Silt Filter 
* 15” Vacuum head
* Unit nose cap has industrial size nozzle for spot cleaning
* Operates in water as shallow as 10 inches

Pool Blaster Pro 900 Product Specifications

* Power Rating: 900
* Scrubbing Brushes: Yes
* Cleaning Coverage Sq. Ft/ Hour: 4419 Sq ft Hr
* Battery Recharger Included: Yes
* Run Time: up to 2 hrs. / 1.0 x 2 battery packs
* Vacuum Head Width: 15"
* Unit Size: 25.375" x 14.9375" x 9.625"
* Unit Weight: 7.354lbs
* Product Box: 24.00" x 12.1875" x 11.375"


* 1 Year