Magnum Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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The Magnum is the perfect robotic pool cleaner for medium sized commercial or public swimming pools up to 120’ / 36.5m long, covering over 6,996 sq. feet per hour while filtering 5784 GPH.. It is designed to be used in swimming facilities at schools, universities, hospitals and hotels/motels. The unit is fully automatic and self-contained. The Magnum requires no special hookup or hoses. With the AquaSmart System installed, the Magnum is able to calculate the size of a pool and program itself to efficiently clean most pools in 4 hours or less. With the included remote control feature, the operator may perform quick spot cleaning. Magnum pool cleaners also include Super Grip PVA brushes an infrared detection system and an Ultra Kart Jr. caddy.


* Recommended for pools up to 120’ / 36.5m long
* Pool Floor Only with “hand-held” remote control wall cleaning function
* Equipped with Aqua SmartSystem
* Cleaning Cycle: 3-5 Hour Programmable Timer
* 100’ / 30.4m Kink Resistant Cable
* Commercial Grade Pump Motor
* Bottom Loading Access to Fine Filter Bag
* Includes Ultra Kart JR.