DuraMAX RC Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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This exciting generation of cleaners from Aqua Products sets a new standard of durability and is easier to use and maintain. DuraMAX RC cleans floor, walls and waterline (Optional Activation). Cleans up to 8,790 square feet per hour and filters up to 4,800 GPH. This top selling DuraMAX cleaner has a single pump motor, dual drive motors and an extended body design for great performance.  The 4-Directional wireless remote control helps for cleaning hard to reach areas.


* Recommended for pools up to 100ft / 30.4m long
* Floor & Wall or Floor Only Programs
* 4 Directional wireless remote control
* Adj. 1-7 Hr Timer w/ auto-shut off or Continuous Operation
* 120’ / 36m Kink Resistant Cable
* Commercial Grade Pump Motor
* Complete with Air Sensor
* Optional Infra-Red
* Includes Ultra Kart Junior