DuraMAX Duo Commercial Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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This exciting generation of cleaners from Aqua Products sets a new standard of durability and is easier to use and maintain. DuraMAX Duo has a floor / wall, and floor only cleaning program.  It’s the most durable automatic cleaner for Olympic size pools.  Its dual pump motors, dual filter bags and double-body design provide maximum filtration capabilities all coupled with a 4-way wireless remote control.


* Recommended for pools up to Olympic in Size
* Floor & Wall or Floor Only Programs
* 4 Directional wireless remote control
* Adj. 1-7 Hr Timer w/ auto-shut off or Continuous Operation120’ / 37m Kink Resistant Cable
* 120’ and 150’ / 37m and 46m Kink Resistant Cable options
* Dual Pump Motors
* Dual Filter Bags
* Includes Air Sensors
* Power Washing Jets
* Includes Ultra Kart
* 0 Entry Air Sensor
* Optional Infra-Red