AquaMAX X4 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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The AquaMax X4 is the ideal robotic pool cleaner for large and extra Large sized commercial or public swimming pools up to 150’ long, covering over 9,750 sq. feet per hour while filtering 9,690 GPH. The X4 is fully automatic and self-contained and requires no special hookup or hoses. With the AquaSmart System and advanced Gyroscope installed, the AquaMax X4 is able to clean most pools quickly and efficiently by more systematically covering the pool surfaces. The X4 also features a remote control so the operator can perform quick spot cleanings including wall cleaning chores. The AquaMax X4 Ships complete with durable PVC brushes (super grip PVA brushes are optional for slick tile and or fiberglass surfaces), an extra filter bag, zero entry sensor, and an ultra-kart for ease of transport to and from the pool. Includes:  A 2 – 5 Hr. Delay options & 3, 5, 7 and 9 Hr. cleaning cycles.


* Recommended for pools up to 150’ / 45m long
* Pool Floor Cleaner with “hand held” remote control wall cleaning option
* Equipped with AquaSmart System and Gyro Navigation
* Cleaning Cycle of 3, 5, 7, or 9 Hours
* 150’ / 45.72m Kink Resistant Cable
* 2 Commercial Grade Pump Motors
* Bottom Loading Access to 2 Filter Bags
* Extended Body
* Includes UltraKart