AquaMAX X1 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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The X1 is designed for small In-Ground commercial pools up to 50’ / 15.24m long (perfect for Hotel and Motel applications), covering over 6,500 sq. feet per hour while filtering 4,330 GPH The X1’s scrubbing brush helps loosen stubborn dirt and debris and TOP ACCESS Filter Basket offers easy rinse and clean maintenance. The X1 also features AquaSmart technology for the most efficient and fast pool cleaning coverage. This cleaner comes equipped standard with PVC scrubbing brushes. Optional PVA brushes available for tile surfaces.


* Recommended for pools up to 50’ / 15.24m long
* Cleans Pool Floor and Walls
* Equipped with Aqua SmartSystem
* Cleaning Cycle from 1.0, 1.5, or 2 Hours
* 75’ / 22.8m Kink Resistant Cable
* Commercial Grade Pump Motor
* Single Drive Motor
* Top Loading Access to Filter baskets
* Includes Aqua Caddy.