AquaComfort ACT-750 Heat Pump

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AquaComfort ACT-750 Heat Pump for Swimming Pools

AquaComfort ACT-750 Specifications

* Dimensions: 28" Length x 28" Width x 26" Tall
* Water Flow: 15 to 50 gpm
* Shipping Weight: 170 lbs
* Performance: 57,000 BTU
* Efficiency (COP): 6.0
* Electric (Heat Pump)

The AquaComfort heat pump pool heaters are the result of over 25 years of continued innovation in energy efficient technology. They design, test and manufacture the most efficient, economical heat pumps you can buy. Electric heat pumps are cheaper, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly than the competition. Features state-of-the-art digital technology resulting in 25% more heating performance than other leading heat pumps. Aqua Comfort has over 30 years of heat pump pool heater design experience and produces over 25,000 heat pumps a year, built to ISO standards.

AquaComfort ACT-750 Features

* State-of-the-Art Digital Technology
* Simple, precise and reliable digital technology means the most advanced, efficient systems available - Easy to use, easy to maintain
* Environmentally Friendly
* With no combustible by-products, AquaComfort creates clean, efficient energy that is safe for the environment.
* Unmatched Performance, Lowest Operating Costs
* Turboguard - the most advanced heat exchanger available.